Surfboard Chair Made in Indonesia Chair made of surfboard. New and unique products from Bali Indonesia.

Suitable for places near the beach. Please send email us using our online inquiry form if you interested in ordering this surfing board chair made in Indonesia. Don't forget to provide your complete address.

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Teak Wood Surfboard Chair from Indonesia

Product Code: SURF
Teak Wood Surfboard Chair from Indonesia
(Click to enlarge !) Size 120x90x70cm Price US$ 23

Surf board Chair Made in Indonesia

The surf board chair made of two wooden boards
Easy to knock down. Very easy !
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surfing board chair

This surfboard chair don't take many space in the container. You can get many surfboard chair in one container. Contact us for details. Click to enlarge !
Size 120x90x70cm Price US$ 25

knock down wood furniture indonesia

This is strong surfboard chair. Strong enough for adult to sit on. Made of thick teak wood or mahogany.
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Unique products from Bali Indonesia, surfboard chair. The chair made of two pieces of surfing board. Available in plain or carved. Easily knock down. Surf board chair made of teak wood or mahogany wood.
If you interested in ordering this surfing board chair, We will reply with pricing and shipping to your address. Don't forget to include your complete address in your email. Remember that we're wholesale only. Minimum order of US$ 1,000 apply

The quantity for 1 cbm is 40 pieces of chairs. 500pcs total cbm is 12.5cbm. Total quantity for 1x20ft container 1320 pcs. 2640pcs for 40ft container.Buy More Furniture from Bali Indonesia
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Airbrush Surfboard Chairs from Bali Indonesia

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